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General Air Solutions

Actuator selection tool

non-spring return
Rotary actuators
- CM (2 Nm)
- TM..A (2 Nm)
- LM..A (5 Nm)
- NM..A (10 Nm)
- SM..A (20 Nm)
- GM..A (40 Nm)
Linear actuators
- CH (125 N)
- LH..A (150 N)
- SH..A (450 N)
Full-rotation actuators
- LU..A (3 Nm)

spring return
Rotary actuators
- TF (2.5 Nm)
- LF (4 Nm)
- NF..A (10 Nm)
- SF..A (20 Nm)
- EF..A (30 Nm)

Rotary actuators
- NM..P (10 Nm)
- SM..P (20 Nm)
- NKQ24P.. (6 Nm)

IP66/NEMA4 Damper actuators
Rotary actuators
- GM..G (40 Nm)
- SMQ..G (16 Nm)
SuperCap actuators
- GK..G (40 Nm)
spring return
- NF..G (10 Nm)
- SF..G (20 Nm)

Very fast-running actuators
Rotary actuators
- LMQ..A (4 Nm)
- NMQ..A (8 Nm)
- SMQ..A (16 Nm/7s)
- SMD..A (16 Nm/20s)
Linear actuators
- LHQ..A (100 N)
- SHQ..A (200 N)

SuperCap actuators with safety functionality
Module SKM.. + CM24K..
Rotary actuators
- NKQ..A (6 Nm)
- GK..A (40 Nm)
Linear actuators
- LHK..A (150 N)
- SHK..A (450 N)

Actuators with damper blade

Actuator overview
Water Solutions
Safety Solutions
Room & System Solutions
(incl. VAV and room temperature controllers)
Bus & System Integration
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NM..A Damper actuators 10 Nm
 For dampers up to approx. 2 m²
 up to 95° angle of rotation
Universal spindle clamp 8...26 mm

The product may differ from the illustration

Damper actuator
10 Nm, 150 s, 95°
AC 230 V, Open/Close, 3-point
IP 54, Manual override with push-button
Control with single- / 2-wire contact
Connection PVC cable 1m
Direction of rotation reversible (right/left)
Angle of rotation limit. mechanical integral
Spindle driver universal spindle clamp


PDF Data Sheets Accessories CAD Files BIM Plug-in Download
CE Declaration of Conformity

PDF Data Sheets for NM230A Send PDFs for other items
Technical data, wiring diagram, dimensions (PDF - 331 kb) Send Data Sheet
Mounting instruction (PDF - 507 kb) Send Data Sheet
Mechanical accessories (PDF - 859 kb) Send Data Sheet

Accessories for NM230A
AV8-25   Shaft extension 240 mm
Length approx. 240 mm
For damper spindles Ø 8...25 mm
Ø Extension 20 mm

K-ENMA   Spindle clamp
one side for NM..A
Clamp range 8...26 mm with union nut
Multipack with 20 pieces

K-ENSA   Spindle clamp
one side for NM..A, SM..A
Clamp range 8...26 mm
Multipack with 20 pieces

KG10A   Ball joint with M8
Suitable for damper crank arms KH8
For round steel rod with Ø 10 mm
From galvanized steel

KG8   Ball joint with M8
Suitable for damper crank arms KH8
For round steel rod with Ø 8 mm
From galvanized steel

KH8   Universal crank arm
For damper spindles, galvanized steel
Clamp range Ø 10...18 mm
Slot width 8.2 mm

K-NA   Spindle clamp
reversible for NM..A and LMQ..
For damper spindles Ø 8...20 mm

P10000A   Feedback potentiometer 10 kOhm

P10000A GR   Feedback potentiometer 10 kOhm
Add-on, colour grey

P1000A   Feedback potentiometer 1 kOhm

P1000A GR   Feedback potentiometer 1 kOhm
Add-on, colour grey

P140A   Feedback potentiometer 140 Ohm

P140A GR   Feedback potentiometer 140 Ohm
Add-on, colour grey

P200A   Feedback potentiometer 200 Ohm

P2800A   Feedback potentiometer 2.8 kOhm

P2800A GR   Feedback potentiometer 2.8 kOhm
Add-on, colour grey

P5000A   Feedback potentiometer 5 kOhm

P5000A GR   Feedback potentiometer 5 kOhm
Add-on, colour grey

P500A   Feedback potentiometer 500 Ohm

P500A GR   Feedback potentiometer 500 Ohm
Add-on, colour grey

S1A   Auxiliary switch add-on
1 x SPDT, 1mA...3 (0.5) A, AC 250 V
Adjustable switching point 0...100%

S2A   Auxiliary switch add-on
2 x SPDT, 1mA...3 (0.5) A, AC 250 V
Adjustable switching point 0...100%

S2A GR   Auxiliary switch grey add-on
2 x SPDT, 1 mA...3 (0.5) A, AC 250

S2A/300 GR   Auxiliary switch grey add-on 2 x EPU
1 mA..3 (0.5 A) A, AC 250, cable 3 m

S2A/500 GR   Auxiliary switch grey add-on 2 x EPU
1 mA..3 (0.5 A) A, AC 250, cable 5 m

ZF10-NSA   Form-fit adapter 10 x 10 for NM..A / SM..A
Multipac with 20 pieces

ZF12-NSA   Form-fit adapter 12 x 12 for NM..A / SM..A
Multipac with 20 pieces

ZF15-NSA   Form-fit insert 15x15
for NM..A/SM..A
Multipac 20 pieces

ZF16-NSA   Form-fit adapter 16x16 for NM..A / SM..A
Multipac with 20 pieces

ZF8-NMA   Form-fit adapter 8 x 8 for NM..A
Multipac with 20 pieces

ZG-NMA   Mounting kit for damper linkage
for flat mounting

Z-NMA   Extension for ground plate
from NM..A to NM...
from LMQ..A to NMQB..
Galvanized steel

Safety notes

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